My pets

I have many pets I have 13 well actually 9.Let me tell you about them.
  I have 4 cats living at my house and 2 others at my grandma who is also my neighbor. My fav cat (I shouldn’t chose favs but oh well) is my baby boy, Garfeild. He is like a teddy bear and I can snuggle with him all night which I do. His sister also wife is ms Amy Rose. She’s a fat cat well she did give birth so don’t expect much lol. They had 5 kittens but 3 died😰😰😰. The first one is Bob, Bob the English cat(my brother named him and he’s a wierdo)he’s a good cat hes weird also and hates to be held. He likes giving a little cat massage though. And the little runt baby girl, Lady Bug. She’s blind; she’s missing one eye and the other is completely a grayish blue color. She’s so adorable. My grandmas is love bug and Nova(both grandmas)
   I also have 3 dogs technically 5 including cousin’s dogs who I love as my own. My baby girl Rosie May. She just turned 3 this st. Patrick’s day. She’s a rat terrier who people think is mixed with a German Shepard.  My buba dog he’s like my bro is buster brown. He’s a old hunting dog. His breed is a jack Russel. And the other is busters nephew,Fatboy. He is adorable of heck I love him so much. He’s a jack Russel mixed with a beagle. The other 2 are my cousins, one is a boxer Izzy may and a chiwaya(idk how to spell it sorry) and her name is Jessica.
  Another pet is bandit; my goat. He’s old they are supposed to live 10 years and he’s like 12.
   I also have a hermit crab Mr crabs or Hermy we call him different names. He’s getting huge and has been living a long time.
  I actually used to have 2 horses but they were sold but I can go see them all I want.
  So that’s most of my house and life. I love animals so much idk what ill do with out them.


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