My story of today

I have a goat is really old older than goats should live and I haven’t seen him in a week. I was scared as heck when everyone was worried about him ,so u had to go find him and make sure he was ok. There are many old barbs in my pasture than I saw his legs in a hole under one, I was so scared. I went in and he looked dead but then like 5 seconds later I saw him breathe! All I could saw was “Oh my Gosh!” It was like he came back to life! But then he badly could get up and was scared shaking. He also hasn’t ate in a while so I ran to get some food and he wouldn’t get it out of the bucket cause I think he was too weak. Then I went to get a bucket of water, which I couldn’t find a bucket so it took a while. Then when I got back to him I couldn’t find him I about had a heart attack, gosh I was scared. After looking around for a little bit I saw him thank God almighty. He was more scared of people than usual (he is scared of people because he was abused being a young goat but then my parents rescued him). Idk what happened but seeing him and him not being dead is a big blessing from the good good father above. He gives us love and blessings thank you Lord😇!!!! That’s a pic of him like maybe a month ago


My morning

Well it’s mothers day today so yeah lol! I haven’t really done anything.YET! I went to church then had to watch little kids and they were annoying:( I went to Sunday school at church for annoying kids and we were without a teacher for a long time. Then 1 finally showed up and we learned about Ecclesiastes with Paul (Saul who killed Christians then believed from being blinded by the light of Jesus and then became a missionary) then we learned about punishment so yeah lol that’s all I’m just bored! OK that was funny I have Pandora on a new romantics by Taylor swift came on and the first line is we are all bored and it said that right when I wrote bored! Lol love u all and happy mother’s day!!!!!!!!!