my week 

I’m bored idk what to do I’m just bored and haven’t posted in a while.

 Well last week my brother and his girlfriend went to new Orleans so I has yo watch their dog he’s sutburn so u know but he was great actually.

 And planted so many seeds who probably way more then 100 it was crazy. And so that’s that lol.

 When my brother got back he gave my other brother and I a voodoo doll lol. Its a very interesting religion I read this thing on them its cool. 

So yeah nothing really happened. But I’ve been having trouble sleeping so that’s bad. Friday I only slept 4 hours idk lol. Its crazy.

So yeah my week lol~ ray


My story of today

I have a goat is really old older than goats should live and I haven’t seen him in a week. I was scared as heck when everyone was worried about him ,so u had to go find him and make sure he was ok. There are many old barbs in my pasture than I saw his legs in a hole under one, I was so scared. I went in and he looked dead but then like 5 seconds later I saw him breathe! All I could saw was “Oh my Gosh!” It was like he came back to life! But then he badly could get up and was scared shaking. He also hasn’t ate in a while so I ran to get some food and he wouldn’t get it out of the bucket cause I think he was too weak. Then I went to get a bucket of water, which I couldn’t find a bucket so it took a while. Then when I got back to him I couldn’t find him I about had a heart attack, gosh I was scared. After looking around for a little bit I saw him thank God almighty. He was more scared of people than usual (he is scared of people because he was abused being a young goat but then my parents rescued him). Idk what happened but seeing him and him not being dead is a big blessing from the good good father above. He gives us love and blessings thank you Lord😇!!!! That’s a pic of him like maybe a month ago


My morning

Well it’s mothers day today so yeah lol! I haven’t really done anything.YET! I went to church then had to watch little kids and they were annoying:( I went to Sunday school at church for annoying kids and we were without a teacher for a long time. Then 1 finally showed up and we learned about Ecclesiastes with Paul (Saul who killed Christians then believed from being blinded by the light of Jesus and then became a missionary) then we learned about punishment so yeah lol that’s all I’m just bored! OK that was funny I have Pandora on a new romantics by Taylor swift came on and the first line is we are all bored and it said that right when I wrote bored! Lol love u all and happy mother’s day!!!!!!!!! 


A rose

Roses are my favorite flower, but I also see it as a metaphor. They have thorns right yeah! I think of me as a tiny worm climbing up the rose. Its gonna hurt just like life. Once you get through it thou its a beautiful flower and good food for a worm. The rose reminds me of heaven once life is over we will be in heaven wonderful heaven free of pain having a feast. 



Everybody wants to be my cat

   Garfield my best cat ever! He is adorable and loves me! Why would u want to be him well…..
     He is spoiled by me and loved on a lot. He had his own pillow on my bed where he sleeps all night and day long zzz…..zzz….!
   Why I wrote this idk I’m just a weirdo who’s bored. Bye everyone!!!!!


Cyber bullying

   Its so sad to see this but I see it all the time.
  Today at school I watched a video about it. This guy took a pic of a girl and made a memo thing of it and sent it yo everyone. It was sad. Then that boys friend sister was sad when he had to pick him up, because she was also getting bullied. He got home that night and couldn’t find his sister, then her phone rang. He saw her text messages with people with one saying something about killing herself. Ughh and so he couldn’t find her and he thought she committed I almost cried. Then he heard tears and found her and she told him about it and so he stopped.!!!!
Here’s a link
   Plz stop bye


My pets

I have many pets I have 13 well actually 9.Let me tell you about them.
  I have 4 cats living at my house and 2 others at my grandma who is also my neighbor. My fav cat (I shouldn’t chose favs but oh well) is my baby boy, Garfeild. He is like a teddy bear and I can snuggle with him all night which I do. His sister also wife is ms Amy Rose. She’s a fat cat well she did give birth so don’t expect much lol. They had 5 kittens but 3 died😰😰😰. The first one is Bob, Bob the English cat(my brother named him and he’s a wierdo)he’s a good cat hes weird also and hates to be held. He likes giving a little cat massage though. And the little runt baby girl, Lady Bug. She’s blind; she’s missing one eye and the other is completely a grayish blue color. She’s so adorable. My grandmas is love bug and Nova(both grandmas)
   I also have 3 dogs technically 5 including cousin’s dogs who I love as my own. My baby girl Rosie May. She just turned 3 this st. Patrick’s day. She’s a rat terrier who people think is mixed with a German Shepard.  My buba dog he’s like my bro is buster brown. He’s a old hunting dog. His breed is a jack Russel. And the other is busters nephew,Fatboy. He is adorable of heck I love him so much. He’s a jack Russel mixed with a beagle. The other 2 are my cousins, one is a boxer Izzy may and a chiwaya(idk how to spell it sorry) and her name is Jessica.
  Another pet is bandit; my goat. He’s old they are supposed to live 10 years and he’s like 12.
   I also have a hermit crab Mr crabs or Hermy we call him different names. He’s getting huge and has been living a long time.
  I actually used to have 2 horses but they were sold but I can go see them all I want.
  So that’s most of my house and life. I love animals so much idk what ill do with out them.